About Me

I have worked as a bereavement therapist in a hospice setting since 2006, setting up and working within a bereavement service. Over time I have worked with many children, young people and adults both at the hospice as well as within my own private practice.

My working life has seen me work with special needs children in a family centre, within a teenage counselling service and with end of life patients in palliative care. I have over twenty years experience within bereavement and have appeared on television, written a book and provided advice and training to professionals.

My Story
I am a lot like you.
Bereavement and loss has been a common theme throughout my life. As a three year old I remember my mother going to hospital to give birth and coming home without a baby.
At eleven my much loved Grandmother died. I didn’t attend the funeral and she was rarely mentioned again as my family tried to protect me from the pain of her death. This led me to experience anxiety and lack of self belief as a child. My experience led me to the path to become a bereavement therapist.
My mother died after a long illness just as I was going through a difficult divorce and I was left feeling sad and guilty that I did not do enough. It felt like a bad dream and I wondered how I could cope. I was very worried about how my future looked.
These feelings are not unusual when we are grieving and sometimes we need help.
My own personal experiences have given me a passion to help others who are grieving and need help.


Sally 57 – London
I was lucky enough to have Sandra recommended to me from a work colleague after the death of my husband. I felt scared, lost and alone. I had lost my confidence and hid myself away at home. Sandra was amazing! Both the hypnotherapy and counselling sessions have helped me move forward and I feel lighter, as if a cloud has been lifted.

Holly 16
After my Nan died I was was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. The 6 week programme has helped me loads and I feel more like me again.

Monica 36 – Germany
The loss of a child is something no one should suffer. Sandra is kind, compassionate and caring. After my time with her my guilt is gone and now I can focus on my other children.

Thank you Sandra!

Mike 28
After a difficult relationship with my Dad I struggled following his death in a car accident. After a 12 week package I am back in contact with my family again.

If you need help contact me today on 07828 054098 or sandra@sandraosullivan.co.uk