On this page you will find some information on how to deal with grief and some exercises that may help you along the way.

Some short videos to help with grief and loss.

Gateway of Eight
Self Care Tips When Dealing With Grief

1 – Be Kind to Yourself
Grief is very painful and there is one person capable of offering you comfort – That person is you!
Give yourself time to experience the pain of grief.

2 – Get the Right Amount of Sleep
If you are sleeping more this is normal as well as grief related insomnia. Practice good sleep hygiene, increase your time in sunlight.

3 – Eat Healthy – Drink Water
You may find it difficult to eat normally but do your best to eat healthy foods. Drink plenty of water as it will help physically and mentally.

4 – Breathe Mindfully
Focus on your breathing. Breath in deeply from your tummy and exhale fully, then focus on your natural breaths.

5 – Move Your Body
Walking in nature or doing some form of exercise that you enjoy will reap massive dividends.

6 – Connect with Others
Connect with friends, family and pets. Meet a friend for a coffee or a chat via the telephone.

7 – Express & Create
Crafting activities, adult colouring books, writing a journal or letters to your loved one all allow an expression of your feelings.

8 – Meditation & Mindfulness
Meditation helps to still the mind and stay in the present which greatly helps our mental health. Start with just 5 minutes a day and work your way up to 20 minutes.

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